Massage therapy

This work draws on techniques from holistic massage and deep tissue methods – according to the needs of each session – for deeply relaxing and restorative treatments – as well as focused more remedial work.  All sessions are structured individually. 

Holistic massage draws on classical and Swedish massage methods, for nourishing and in-depth bodywork. This work involves a range of approaches, including deeply relaxing, soothing and calming techniques, – as well as more releasing and stimulating work.  

Deep tissue massage involves a range of techniques, including ‘hands free’ , myofascial release, and trigger point release methods, to engage greater pressure, and access the deeper layers of tissue.  This work can be deeply relaxing and releasing, and is also excellent for relieving persistent areas of tension.  It is possible to work in real depth, without causing discomfort. 

I use a range of largely organic, cold pressed oils, chosen for their extensive health benefits. These oils are unrefined, preserving the nutrients of the plants – and leaving them high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – all of which nourish the skin and body deeply. 

Massage has been shown to significantly improve numerous aspects of health and well-being. This work particularly supports the immune system, muscle tone, skin condition, fascia and circulation, as well as improving sleep quality – and significantly reducing stress levels and anxiety. 

Massage can help to develop a sense of safety and ease in the body – of ‘coming home’ to self and to body. People often find that regular work supports a greater sense of embodiment, and freedom in daily life.  

Massage with Aromatherapy Oil blends

The exquisite fragrances, and health-giving properties of essential oils have been used in therapeutic and ritual contexts for centuries – to promote health and well-being.

These treatments involve specialised blends of essential oils, known as ‘synergies’ – selected for their beautiful fragrance – and extensive health properties.

Essences including jasmine, sandalwood and lavender – geranium, patchouli and nutmeg -create beautifully aromatic blends – for restorative and uplifting treatments.


“Claire provides a warm and safe environment in which to let go and allow the body to be nurtured and held. Thank you so much!”  – F.G. – Oxford researcher, 50

” Great news!! Seems my arm is 100%… Thanks for all your help over the months!!! If it wasn’t for your ongoing massages I’d probably still be holding my arm tenderly and severely limiting my life activities….” – Lisa Marcov, retired graphic designer, 62

“Life changing… maybe sent from heaven” – Mary Channer – retired business director, 74

” I felt so safe and well-held throughout, – very much what I seek in a massage”  – Mindfulness teacher, 39

”It’s wonderful to feel so peaceful, – Thank you !”  – M. T. – Graphic designer, 54

”I found a real Gem by booking with Claire… She is very skilled and knowledgeable, we had a detailed discussion about health and old injuries before she proceeded with a very effective massage. Felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and a great pain relief! I would not hesitate in recommending her!” – R.A. – Project manager, 49

”Claire is an extremely sensitive and intuitive therapist. She listens carefully and tailors her massage to your individual needs. I felt very comfortable with her from the first meeting.”   S.S.

” Completely magical, … you’ve got healing hands… Your standards are 5 star..” – Barbara Davies, retired matron and company director, 65